Have you gone Limbic?

Welcome to the first article for the ADHD Melbourne website.

One thing my psychiatrist always says to me when I tell her I’ve been unable to control my temper is  “Mark, you have gone limbic”.

What she is really saying, is that the Limbic system in my ADHD brain, was trying to deal with a lot of stuff, all at the same time; emotions, habits, desires, movement and memories.  No matter how hard my Frontal lobe tried to send messages to my Limbic system to say ‘hey you should just chill out and focus on one of these things at a time’, the message was just not loud enough to get there.

To explain more in depth, when a neuron fires an electrical impulse down the axon to where the neurotransmitters are stored, a dopamine vesicle sprays dopamine into the synapse cleft. At this point, there is also something called a reuptake pump (also known as a Dopamine transporter or DAT), which reabsorbs any excess dopamine that is used to carry the signal to the next neuron. In an ADHD brain there are too many reuptake pumps and this causes the signal between the two neurons to be weak, because too much dopamine ends up being reabsorbed back in, meaning not enough flows though to the neurotransmitter receptor. 

Woah!!!! It’s no wonder when I loose my temper I struggle to calm down. 

My psychiatrist Dr Dianne Grocott has kindly provided us with some very detailed slides that she uses to present at various support group talks. You can view them here in PDF format.  July03-JJJJ-2018 ADHD – Dr Dianne Grocott – reviewed – FINAL.pdf