Aussie ADHD Communities Unite

There has been a bit of a buzz on our Facebook page recently, with the news of  ADHD Foundation and AADACT Canberra, teaming up to help unite the ADHD communities around the country.
This initiative is a result of the following statement found in the FAQ document linked below. 

Recent advice provided by officials from the Office of the Federal Minister for Health strongly indicated a requirement that: a unified national ADHD consumer group with a common purpose should be formed, and in so doing make it visible to the Australian Government in order to make it eligible for federal government financial assistance.

This is a massive opportunity for Aussie ADHDers, to come together on various common goals, and ensure the government is funding the correct initiatives around the country, to support people living with the condition in Australia. 

Our Co-Founder and Director of Communications, Peter Scholem has been working very hard, with delegates from the above orgs to broker a common understanding, and ensure ADHD Melbourne and our community, are also represented as part of the unified national ADHD consumer group, which will be headed up by the ADHD Foundation.  

Peter also played a major role in assisting ADHD Foundation and AADACT to draft the FAQ, and as a result we have been granted access to assist them with publishing it here on our website and out to the web.

Updated document as:
I have been requested by the ADHD Foundation/ADDACT partnership to post a Position Statement dated 15 November 2018, on the Unified National ADHD Consumer Org

Unified Nat ADHD Consumers Position Statement 15Nov18

If you are part of another community and would like to know who to contact at the ADHD Foundation or ADDACT please feel free to contact us for a referral.