Social media rules and guidelines

These Rules and Guidelines form part of the ADHD Melbourne Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy statements.

ADHD Melbourne has several social media community portals such as, but not limited to: Facebook (Page and Groups), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn ect, and are volunteer run.

We would appreciate that the following rules and guidelines being respected. Failure to do so will result in an appropriate level of action being taken to prevent any negative impact to the greater community.

General Social Media Rules and guidelines

  • Please do NOT comment if you can’t be supportive, informative, or add value to another member’s post.
  • Be kind to one another and keep the good etiquette when posting or commenting on posts. Respect that everyone has differing backgrounds, opinions, views and beliefs. Personal attacks, threats or intolerant/insensitive comments of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Our admin group is available if you have any questions or concerns. If you are not sure if a post is appropriate or have issues with another member, please reach out to the Admins via chat on our Facebook Page.
  • Like virtually all internet users, including you, we don’t tolerate spam. Advertising or selling are also off-limits on the portals. Please do not post links to your own website to self-promote or advertise. We have solutions for people who would like to promote their service or business. Please contact an Admin on our Facebook page for further info.
  • Do not send Personal Messages to people within the group unless they actually say they want to be messaged.
  • If you find a post to be inappropriate, please feel free to report it so our Admin group can review it.
  • Please keep your posts specific to ADHD-related issues and avoid “hot” topics such as politics and religion (unless they specifically relate to how it affects ADHD or your ADHD symptoms).
  • No one in our social media portals are authorised to give medical advice or psychological direction, nor is the group set up to assist a member experiencing traumatic circumstances. Please consult your mental health professional if you are needing help.
  • HELP IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE by contacting organisations such as:
  • Beyond Blue 1300 659 467
  • Lifeline 13 11 15
  • More contacts can be found on the Mental Health Foundation Australia website.

Facebook Public “Page” Rules and Privacy Info

  • The “ADHD Melbourne Facebook Page” is a public facing page used to provide the greater public with information about ADHD, and to help publicly advocate for people with ADHD.
  • We currently allow others to post publicly on our Page. However, your posts will not be published until it has been approved by an Admin.
  • You are also allowed to comment on content posted by us or others on our page. However the points listed above in our general social media rules still apply.
  • As stated above, the ADHD Melbourne Facebook “Page” is a public facing forum and anyone, anywhere on Facebook will be able to see your comments. As such we expect everyone to treat one another and the content with respect.
  • Please refer to the following Facebook Help Center FAQ regarding the privacy and usage of Facebook Pages: How do I post on a Page and who can see it?

Facebook Closed “Group” Rules and Privacy Info

  • In addition to the “Page”, we also have a closed Facebook Group “ADHD Melbourne Community Group
  • To become a member of the Facebook group, you MUST answer the below questions. They will pop up at the time you request to join the Facebook community Group. Failure to answer the questions will result in your request to join the Group being rejected.
  • 1. Do you, a family member or a friend have ADHD?     2. Are you over the age of 18? (Put answers for 1 and 2 in the first box)
  • 3. Do you agree with the disclaimers, terms and conditions of ADHD Melbourne?
  • 4. Do you have any concerns with answering the previous questions and would like an Admin to contact you regarding access to the group?
  • Please note that once approved we do not store or maintain the answers. We are unsure how Facebook deals with this and you should refer to their privacy statement.
  • The community groups target audience is for peer-to-peer support for people with ADHD, however we also welcome family, support workers or friends to join the group.
  • Mental health partitioners such as Psychiatrists, Psychologists,  ADHD coaches, councillors and Therapists are also welcome following validation of credentials with an Admin. You are not allowed to give direct medical advice to anyone in the group or promote your business to anyone in a group post. Only evidence based and backed general guidance, observations and information about ADHD research will be permitted.
  • Do not share any screenshots, member’s personal information, or posts outside of this group.
  • The points listed above in our general social media rules still apply to the Facebook Community group.
  • The group is not to be used for the promotion of any member’s businesses, other pages, groups or sites, whether they are related to ADHD or not. Posts of this nature not approved by an Admin will be removed and the person responsible will also be given a warning and an opportunity for us to assist them in promoting their services in a safe way that does not appear as obvious and intrusive spam to the rest of the group.
  • The closed group is only as private as Facebook allows a Closed group to be, and please refer to the following link for definitions of group privacy and observe the column relating to Closed groups: What are the privacy settings for groups?

Thank you,
ADHD Melbourne Admin Group